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This page contains sample HTML code for you to cut and paste into your web pages to be able to incorporate the Chrono Lisa clock applet in your site. You can modify any of the colors as required to blend in with your site's theme.

Download the ChronoLisa class file here [download]

Download a text help file here [download] (Basically just a repeat of this web page)

<applet code=ChronoLisa.class  codebase="/applets/" width=200 height=250>

<param  name=allowhyperlink     value=true />         <!-- or false -->
<param  name=background         value=255,255,255 />  <!-- white    -->
<param  name=outsideframe       value=0,0,0 />        <!-- black    -->
<param  name=frame              value=192,192,192 />  <!-- lgt grey -->

<param  name=insideframe        value=0,0,0 />        <!-- black    -->
<param  name=clockface          value=0,0,0 />        <!-- black    -->
<param  name=hourring           value=255,255,0 />    <!-- yellow   -->
<param  name=minutering         value=0,0,255 />      <!-- blue     -->
<param  name=secondring         value=255,0,0 />      <!-- red      -->

<param  name=onehourmarks       value=255,0,255 />    <!-- majenta  -->
<param  name=tenminutemarks     value=255,0,255 />    <!-- majenta  -->
<param  name=fifteensecondmarks value=255,0,255 />    <!-- majenta  -->


Setup Information

The parameters are listed working from the outside and moving toward the middle of the clock. So the  "background" would be set to your site's page color, then the "outsideframe" is a line around the very outside of the clock. Next would come the "frame", which is the solid color of the frame itself. Then the "insideframe", which is another line around the inside of the frame (or the outside of the face, if you want to think of it that way). The "clockface" is the region that the lights show up against.

The parameter value= Red, Green, and Blue color component. In this format, the red, green, and blue components of a color are each represented by an integer in the range 0-255. The value 0 indicates no contribution from this primary color. The value 255 indicates the maximum intensity of this color component. Make sure the three values are separated by a comma (,)

The only thing that can't be changed is the "geometry" of the clock. For example, the ratio of the width to the height will always stay the same, as will the shape of the ovals that represent the hours, minutes, and seconds. The clock will fit itself into the centre of any applet area.

The "allowhyperlink" parameter will allow anyone who clicks on the the clock to be linked to the KroTek website. It would naturally be appreciated if you would leave this set to "true", however it is not a requirement.

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