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Here are some of the comments we've received about the Chrono Lisa:

Received your clock. It works marvelously and is very different. It's on the mantle as we're extremely proud of it. It's a conversation piece.

Thank you so much. It's one of a kind.

P. C.
Long Beach, California

Well, [the Chrono] Lisa has arrived and I can't keep my eyes off of her!!  Well done!  It is wonderfully made and it is always a pleasure to receive something more than I had expected. Oliver, my 19 month old Golden Retriever is fascinated with it. This is a bad sign. Hopefully, he will not try to make it his own.

I have a number of questions to ask you about the clock. But for now I just want to sit, look at it and appreciate your excellent work.

T. P.
Sherman Oaks, California

Thank you so much for sending the clock. I am enjoying it very much. Had a lot of nice comments on it from different people that have seen it

So thank you again,

V. P.
Hanna, Alberta

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