Reading the Chrono Lisa Futuristic Clock

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Reading the Chrono Lisa Futuristic Clock

Reading the Chrono Lisa is actually very easy.

The top of the hour oval (yellow - on left) represents 12 o'clock, one quarter way around is 3 o'clock, halfway around (the bottom) is 6 o'clock, etc. The minutes (green - in center) and second (red - on right) are similar, the top representing 0 minutes or seconds, quarter way around is 15, halfway around is 30,...

As each second passes, a light turns on, until, at 59 seconds, all of the lights on the right hand oval are illuminated. On the 60th second, all of the second lights turn off, one more light on the minute ring turns on, and the process starts over.

After 12 minutes an hour light comes on, so that five hour lights have illuminated after an hour, and all 60 hour lights after 12 hours.

At 11:59:59, all of the lights on the display are on, and at 12:00:00, they are all switched off.


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